Busch Stadium: 6/7/06
Cardinals vs Reds

There’s a malaise lingering in Cardinal Nation these days in the wake of the Pujols injury. We’ve been spoiled in recent years by Pujols greatness, solid starting pitching, and a relatively effective bullpen. Now all 3 abandon us at the same time forcing us to endure our first significant slump since September 2003, and people don’t know how to react. There’s a reason only 2 NL teams have ever won 100 games in 3 consecutive seasons. Take a deep breath and relax – it’s a long season.

First base seats, Cardinals dugout, and infield rakers View from above Cardinals dugout Jim Edmonds plays first base
Gorgeous weather for the series finale View from the peanut gallery Sidney Ponson pitches to Brandon Phillips
Sunset Sunset Sidney Ponson pitches while Rolen waits at 3rd
Sunset backdrop on stadium roof Ponson picked up his first loss of the season on this night View of first base side and infield from behind right field bleachers
Scoreboard Encarnacion has been swinging the bat better lately after a dismal April Edmonds leads off 3rd
Wainwright pitches Wainwright pitches Wainwright pitches

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