Busch Stadium: 4/27/06
Cardinals vs Nationals

The weather does not get any nicer in St. Louis than it was at the start of this game. The Cards jumped out in front in the 1st on an Edmonds 3-run homer. Sidney Ponson pitched his best game of the season thus far facing the minimum thru 4 innings, and the bullpen combo of Brad Thompson and Josh Hancock finished off the Nationals for a 6-2 Cardinals win. A trash fire (not pictured) broke out in the 8th inning in the right field stairwell tower.

View of the upper terrace concourse down the first base side from behind home plate Bird's eye view of the Musial statue View westward from the loge level
Pedestrian ramps up to the upper deck Eads bridge style architecture at sunset View westward from the pedestrian ramps
View from above the 3rd base line St. Louis skyline at sunset The smoke from the concession stands adds to the atmosphere in the upper concourse
Fans battle the sun in the right field upper deck Sidney Ponson and Scott Spiezio both had big nights for the Cardinals The sun sets on Busch Stadium

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