Busch Stadium: 10/12/05, 10/13/05
Cardinals vs Astros

It seems like ancient history now, but Cardinals dominated game 1 of this series. Reggie Sanders hit a 2-run bomb off Pettitte in the first, and Carpenter drove in Eckstein on a suicide squeeze in the 2nd. Carpenter was sharp on the mound allowing only 2 runs on 5 hits in 8 innings. Game 2 was a different story with Oswalt owning the Cardinals save for a Pujols solo in the 6th.

NLCS intro Look for the squeeze Upper deck outfield manual scoreboard
View from upper-deck left field Isringhausen pitches to Mike Lamb The Cardinals could not get that clutch hit against Oswalt
World Champions flags 1926 1931 1934 1942 1944 1946 1964 1967 1982 Standing room only in front of the outfield manual scoreboard for what could have been the last game ever at Busch Stadium Thundersticks bring bad karma

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