Busch Stadium: 9/18/09
Cardinals vs Cubs

Westward St Louis skyline over Hwy 40 Tony LaRussa in the Cardinals dugout Foul ball
Colby Rasmus Colby Rasmus, Ted Lilly John Smoltz
Bobby Scales out on strikes John Smoltz, Brendan Ryan Lilly had a perfect game into the 4th
Ted Lilly Julio Lugo reaches base Colby Rasmus
Safe at first Albert Pujols Line out to Bobby Scales
John Smoltz pickoff attempt Brendan Ryan, Julio Lugo, Ryan Theriot Ted Lilly
Fair ball down the line Mark DeRosa races to 3rd for a triple Ryan Ludwick scores
Brendan Ryan Bobby Scales Mark DeRosa gets his uniform dirty
John Smoltz Colby Rasmus Brendan Ryan throws his bat at the ball
Matt Holliday connects Walk off Home Run Cardinals Win
Matt Holliday rounds the bases Another 9th inning homer brought to you by Aaron Heilman A mob awaits Matt Holliday at home plate
Cardinals celebrate Good times Cubs lose
Outside Busch Stadium Outside Busch Stadium Outside Busch Stadium

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